Amrus Balogh

Junior Partner with the Steiner & Moser Bonded Adventuring Brokerage


A stocky half-elf of middling years, Amrus is the Bond Officer who assigned the party the Caer Bannog Job. He is seemingly always behind in his work and as a result is always eager to move the conversation along. He has a dark sense of humor and fancies himself an amateur historian.

While he’d like to eventually become a full partner Amrus has his professional ambitions tempered by his elven wife, Serestina, who despises the bustle of Bad Solitz and would prefer to live in a more remote part of Dornig to raise their two children.

Whenever the group has encountered him he has jokingly dismissed their odds of success as being bleak. While this was initially sincere, time and repeat adventuring has made this a running joke in exchanges with the group.

Amrus Balogh

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