Perunalia, The Duchy of Perun’s Daughter


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Symbol: A red flag with a roaring white lion and blue thunderbolt

Ruler: Her Divine Transcendence, the Duchess Vasilka Soulay, also known as Perun’s Daughter

Population: 190,500 (186,000 humans, 2,000 dwarves, 1,000 elves, 500 half-elves, 500 halflings)

Capital: Sephaya, population 19,200

Major Cities: Orkasa, population 12,500 and Clarsaya, population 7,600

Castles: The White Citadel

Pantheon: Perun (patron), Lada, Ninkash, Porevit and Yarila, Sif

Trade: Cloth, crafts, divine ephemera, fish, furniture, jewelry, oysters, and timber

Allies: Dornig, Krakova, Mharoti Empire

This small nation wedged between The Arbonesse and Magdar is home to a nation of matrilineal rule governed by a bonafide demigod: Vasilka Soulay, the daughter of Perun, god of war and thunder. Despite this heritage Vasilka more closely resembles her mother, a Matron of a Perunian convent. She is a goddess of wisdom and learning, whose tenants are courage, teaching, and stern mercy. Despite this she has an inherent knack for battle and tactics, and has employed these in defense of her people and her domain.

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Despite their small coastline Perunalia is renowned for its fishing trade, as well as exports of timber, fine jewelry, and religious ephemera. Perunians do not typically aspire to glory or greatness, instead devoting their time to reflection, trade, and the arts.

Aside from Allain this country is the most invested in education, literacy, and the preservation of lore. While magic is taught there is a greater emphasis on mathematics, botany, agronomy, and architecture. The royal palace has a wing consisting of a grand library, reputed to be one of the greatest in the world. Nobles from all countries send their daughters to Perunian academies.

Despite her familial ties Perunalia is not a theocracy, and worship and theology are relatively neglected. While the divine Duchess does grant boons and prayers to a small priesthood, most commoners devote themselves to the Green Gods and Lada.

Perunian military leaders and elite frequently are members of the Order of the White Lions-a society of female paladins-whose cunning and bravado inspire both men and women to fight harder. While selfless and enlightened in times of peace, Perunians are known for their ruthless fighting style and righteous fury in war.

Within Perunalia, men are treated as the weaker sex, largely for their assumed mental abilities rather than their physical ones. Female rulers deem males too driven by emotions like envy, rage and sexual desire to take serious duties of defense, war, government, and trade. They are largely relegated to roles of manual labor, with the hope this hard work will temper their emotions and otherwise civilize them. Men may not own property or receive formal education, though they may apprentice in certain trades.

The archery skills of Perunian women is renowned throughout Amalthea and are said exceed even those of the Arbonesse elves. Legend says that Perun himself taught bow and arrow to ancient Perunian archers who further enhanced this through centuries of refinement and gleaning wisdom from elvish practices. Perunian women eat, sleep and breathe archery. To be a woman devoid of the skill is to be an outcast. Mothers will gift their daughters with small bows and arrows in rites of passage and become more elaborate as their skill grows. Colorful feathers, thought by outsiders to be ornamental, mark Perunian daughters’ rank in archery among their peers.

Perunalia, The Duchy of Perun’s Daughter

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